Our Customers


For a bodaboda driver to become owner, these are core steps....

Application and Vetting

Applicant for Pushsky service must submit application letter, Fill an application form. Our screening and vetting process include scores of creditworthiness and in-person family visits to confirm if they also agree. Our process helps identify the most trusted, responsible and committed lease recipients.


Recommended drivers will be trained on road safety, company requirements and enterpreneurship skills. we believe after completion of lease to own contract he or she will be a good boss and owner. This is just a one week training programme.

Weekly Payment

Once selected, drivers select a brand new motorcycle of their choice and begin making weekly payments. Our standard lease is repaid over a 12-month.

Ownership transfer

Upon fully payment of lease contract amount, the title to the motorcycle is signed over to the happy driver and he begins doubling his daily take-home pay!.